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What’s Inside

When you open YogaDigital for the first time, there will be a disclaimer page to read and accept before opening the app.  Once inside YogaDigital, you will see a navigation bar at the bottom with four icons for the four sections of the app: Series, Practices, Media, and Studio

When you look in any of the sections of YogaDigital, the small icon on the bottom of the app is highlighted in orange to let you know where you are.  If you want to go to another section of the app at anytime, just tap the icon at the bottom of the screen.

The Studio

The Studio is where you will find all of the latest content  available for YogaDigital.  You can download any of the material and decide later if you would like to purchase it.  All of your purchases will be connected with your iTunes account, and can be downloaded on any of your devices.  If you should ever delete any of your YogaDigital content from your device, it will go back to the Studio and can be downloaded again at a later time for no additional cost.

If any existing material is updated, you can download the new version from the Studio.  The Studio is also the place where new content will be found and will be updated regularly to keep expanding on your YogaDigital experience.  Our goal is to have a Studio large enough that everyone can find what is right for them!

The iPad version of YogaDigital will have the Studio content on the left column while the right side contains a description of each piece of content.  The iPhone version requires users to tap on the content to see the longer description of the work.

The Studio content is separated into three types – Media, Practices, and Series.

Three kinds of Yoga Content Available

Media (Audio & Video)

Media files are stand-alone audio files or videos.  These can be a wide range of different products from songs, to lectures, instructions, inspirations or Yoga practices.

Media content that are audio files are denoted with a small audio symbol,
 , in the top-right corner of the icon for each audio file (see the screen shot, right).  Video files, on the other hand, are denoted with a small film strip,  , in the top-right corner.

Each audio file or video comes with a description of the content.   Each description also has a link to a teacher biography, and once you purchase a Media product, you will also have access to the contact information for that particular teacher.

The audio files can play in the background of your IOS device, and you can continue to navigate around the app while the audio is playing.  To return to the audio clip at anytime, just tap the audio symbol,
 , on the top of the app and you will return to the audio files currently being played.

Videos play in the standard video player and cannot run in the background.


Practices offer a more robust user experience and is a highlight of the YogaDigital experience as it provides users with more information and support about each particular Practice.

As with the Media content, each Practice comes with a general description to help users understand the purpose and details of the Practice.  In the screen shot from the iPad, the description of the practice comes up as the Practice is highlighted.  On the iPhone, a new screen appears to show the Practice description.

In addition to the general description, users can look at an overview of the posture sequence as a set of images in a practice sheet.  Clicking on any posture in the practice brings up a short video clip of the posture with a written description for extra guidance.

Not all Practices will necessarily be a long sequence of Yoga postures – say, for example, a seated breathing practice with only one posture.  In cases where there is only one posture in a Practice, the Practice Sheet will still act as a guide to the different parts and aspects of the Practice.

If, while watching the Practice, you feel that you need more information or further instructions, pausing the Practice will bring up the description of the current posture as well as a navigation bar that indicates the other postures in the sequence.  As you go through the Practice, the name of each posture appears in the top-right corner of the video.


A Series is a bundle of Media or Practices with a common theme.  This helps Teachers go more deeply into important topics by creating an entire series of content and give users a more robust exploration of certain themes.  A Series may serve as a long term support for a particular aspect of practice or like a workshop with more information about a certain topic.

Additionally, a Series of audio files will run like a music album and play in the background of your device.  So inspirational albums of music and also chanting tutorials can simply be stored in one place on YogaDigital and play from your iPhone or iPad.

In a Series of mixed Media or Practices, as you complete each session, it will be highlighted to help you track your progress through the Series.  In the screen shot in this section, for example, the Series called “Assisi Inspirations” contains four sessions of inspirational videos from a retreat in Assisi, Italy with Mirka Scalco Kraftsow.  After you finish watching Session 1, the small circle to the right of the Session name will be filled in to let you know you have viewed it.


Connecting to Teachers

Our hope is that YogaDigital not only supports connections with teachers we already know but also opens doors to new connections and opportunities to learn and study.  The teachers providing content to YogaDigital each have biographies, which can be accessed under each description of their content by tapping on a Bioicon icon.  For locked content, the biography will be available, but the teacher’s contact information will not.  Once you purchase a particular piece of content, you will also gain access to the teacher’s contact data if they have agreed to make that information available.

If you enjoy content from a particular teacher on YogaDigital, you can lean more about their ‘real world’ Yoga classes, workshops, training, etc. using the links from their biography page to go to their website or Facebook page.

Connecting with YogaDigital Content

Minutes vs. Unlocking Content

YogaDigital lets you decide how to use and view your Yoga videos and audio recordings.  Flexibility is provided by allowing you to browse the app content using Minutes or allowing you to purchase material outright.

The App comes with 30 minutes of viewing time.  The number of Minutes you have in your account is visible on the top-left of the App.  With these Minutes, you can use any of the YogaDigital content for up to 50 minutes.  After your Minutes expire (or at any time), you can purchase more and continue using viewing any of the material you like.  This gives you the flexibility to preview all of the material on the app to see what is right for you.

Once you are out of Minutes, you can chose to purchase more by clicking on the top-left of the app, and this will pull up a menu of options for purchasing more Minutes.

If you find that you would like to have unlimited access to certain practices or media, you can purchase them outright.  Just tap the little
 symbol on the top right of the description, and a window will appear with the price and confirmation request.    Purchases are made through your iTunes account, so no additional information is required for a purchase.

Media that is available for purchase is ‘locked’ (denoted by the little
 just above the description of the content) until purchased, which means that you will be using your Minutes each time you view it.  Once you have purchased material, it will be unlocked (the
 will disappear), and you will no longer use minutes to view it.  If you should delete it from your device, you can simply find it again in the Studio and download to any of your IOS devices at no additional cost.

From the menu of Minutes, there is also another important option to Restore Purchases. This option will restore all content that came with the app (if it has been deleted) and restore all unlocked material.  This gives you the flexibility to remove content from your device and have it safely stored on our cloud server until you wish to download it again.

Take your Yoga Studio and Go

YogaDigital media is not streamed to your device.  Once you have downloaded something from the Studio, it is on your device and will not require internet access to play it.  So even in a place with weak or nonexistent connectivity, you can enjoy your Yoga audios, videos and practices.